The Systems Resource Model

The systems resource model analyzes the decision-makers's capability to efficiently distribute resources among various subsystem's needs. The systems resources model defines the organization as a network of interrelated subsystems.

These subsystems needs may be classified as:

  • bargaining position -ability of the organization to exploit its environment in acquisition of scarce and valued resources;
  • ability of the systems' decision-makers to perceive, and correctly interpret, the real properties of the external environment;
  • ability of the system to produce a certain specified output;
  • maintenance of internal day-to-day activities;
  • ability of the organization to co-ordinate relationships among the various subsystems;
  • ability of the organization to respond to feedback regarding its effectiveness in the environment.
  • ability of the organization to evaluate the effect of its decisions;
  • ability of the organization' system to accomplish its goals.

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The Evaluation And Control Of Organizational Strategy
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